Welcome  to the land of medieval adventure!


The Shire of Abertridwr is a local branch of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). We are a group of people trying to recreate the good bits of Medieval court life in Western Europe. We meet for friendship and fun to share our love of all things medieval.

Abertridwr is family friendly and caters for all age groups, from small children (accompanied by a parent), to seniors and beyond. The SCA is open to anyone who is prepared to wear a pre 1600’s costume, and act as a lady or gentleman.

We try to recreate medieval Western Europe, through living it “the way it should have been”. This involves activities such as armoured combat, feasting, dancing, leatherwork, singing, archery, costuming, courtesy, chivalry, revelry and so much more.

It’s about having fun, trying new skills, challenging yourself, making good friends, learning and living history (minus the plague and rats of course!)

Abertridwr is part of the Kingdom of Lochac, which covers both Australia and New Zealand. Abertridwr includes the Perth metropolian area, south of the Swan and Canning Rivers.