About Abertridwr


Abertridwr is Welsh and it should be pronounced “Ab-Er-Tree-Doo”, however we pronounce it “Abba-Tre-Der”.

It means “the meeting of three waters”. This name was chosen because our original geographic borders were the three rivers – the Swan, the Canning and Murray Rivers. Now however, the southern lands from the Murray River up to Rowley Road have become the lands of the Shire of Dragon’s Bay.

There are a couple of suburbs in the North that don’t exactly fit into this scenario and yet we claim them anyway. These are the “contested lands” – which most importantly includes the suburbs of Manning and Wilson. As with everything in the Society, geography isn’t really important but the fact that some very wonderful people live in that area, make it a boon to own for either group.

Abertridwr is essentially a South of the Swan River group, but you don’t need to live south of the river to participate.
Many of our activities are held at the Wandi Community Centre at Lot 302 De Haer Road, Wandi, W.A. 6167.
Here’s How To Get to Wandi.


Abertridwr Arms

 Argent, a pall azure, overall a dragon passant to sinister gules, in chief a laurel wreath vert

Argent = white and refers to the background. A pale azure is the blue Y. A dragon passant = walking, to sinister means facing left, gules= red. In chief a laurel wreath vert=green.

To show our place in the world many of Abertridwr wear the red cadwaladr dragon which as you can see the main charge on the arms of the group.