Anyone can have a go at archery! All that you need to begin is a bow (longbow or recurve – compound bows are not permitted in SCA archery), a set of arrows (usually about 12), finger and arm protection, and a quiver.

Minors under the age of 12 can participate, but they must have a parent or legal guardian on the archery line within arm’s reach at all times.

If you don’t have any archery gear, we do have some loaner equipment that you can borrow. Please contact the Archery Officer for more information, and visit our Meetings & Activities page for info about training sessions.

Shoots can be:

  • At target faces, mounted on target butts, at a series of standard ranges
  • Novelty shoots – stuffed toys, cutout shapes, balloons, etc
  • Inter-Kingdom Archery Competitions (IKAC)


The Inter-kingdom Archery Competition (IKAC) and the Inter-Kingdom Combat Archery Competition (IKCAC) are year-long target archery tournaments that allow all the archers in the Knowne World to compete in an SCA-wide competition on behalf of their Kingdoms.

The competition is open to all archers, beginning and experienced. It is a great way to develop skill, and very rewarding as you see your skill increase and move up the ranks.

  • Please note: to compete in an IKAC event, your arrows should have feathered fletches. Plastic vanes are not allowed.
  • IKAC and IKCAC Competitions will be advertised in our Events Calendar as well as on the various Mail Lists.


Mixed combat consists of “heavy” fighters, armed with traditional SCA weaponry such as sword and shield, and “lights”, who are armed with bow and arrows. All armour standards are the same but Combat Archers are not to be struck and therefore can have less body armour. Mixed combat is typically held at camping events where different scenarios are used to mix the two fighting forms.There are important safety rules governing this sort of combat.To fight in mixed combat:

  • All archers must be authorised in order to participate
  • You must have legal mesh on your helm and heavy fabric covering all skin.
  • Bows for mixed combat are permitted to pull no more than 30lbs at 28 inches for longbows and recurves
  • Compound bows are not permitted
  • Blunts must be a minimum of three-quarter inches across the striking surface and be securely attached
  • Shafts must be wooden and bound in fibretape




Safety is paramount in all forms of archery. Archers are expected to have read and be knowledgeable of the rules in the Target Archery Handbook before shooting within the Kingdom of Lochac. The most recent edition of the handbook is available at The Lochac Archers website.

The most important rules to remember are:

  • No archery is allowed to occur without a warranted archery marshall being present to supervise.
  • The archery marshal is in charge and must be obeyed.