Arts & Sciences

There’s more to do in the SCA than just fighting and feasting! The term “Arts and Sciences” covers anything and everything that we make or do to help enhance our medieval re-creation experience – so that includes garb, cooking, dancing, armouring, leatherwork, weaving, embroidery, herbal arts, calligraphy, illumination, and so much more.

In Abertridwr, there are many opportunites to learn, participate and teach the arts and sciences. Please see our Meetings and Activities page for more information about regular and on-going activities.

From time time time, A&S workshops, collegia or busy bees may also held – full details of those will be found on our Events Calendar, and in our Newsletter.



May Crown L (2015) hosted by the Barony of Ildhafn, New Zealand.

Clothing-non European
Pottery or Glasswork (Making of)


Midwinter L (2015) hosted by the Canton of Cairn Fell, Victoria.

Poetry-Original work in Period style
Lace-any type of lace or items to help make lace
Animal Accoutrements-Barding, leashes, collars, etc


November Crown L (2015) hosted by the Shire of Dismal Fogs, New South Wales.

Medicine-A medical related item or research on a historical medical topic
Bookbinding/Papercraft-Making books or paper


Twelfth Night L (2016) hosted by the Barony of Southron Gaard, New Zealand.

 Summer Accessories – Accessories that you would use on hot summer days.  Stone Working –  Sculpture;  stone carving;  gem cutting;  things made from ground stone.  Things for fun –  Period games, toys, dolls used by children and/or grown-ups.



May Crown LI (2016) hosted by … …

 To be advised



Midwinter LI (2016) hosted by … …


 To be advised