Champions of Abertridwr

Every year competitions/tourneys are held to determine the new Champions for Abertridwr. Here is some general information about how each champion is chosen, and their respective duties.

Please note that the format of each competition may vary from year to year, so please make sure to check to see what the entry requirements for the next Pencampwr Championship might be.


Since time immemorial, the great war-leader of Abertridwr has stood between his people and their enemies. Spear in hand, he seeks out other such Champions to meet in honourable combat for the glory of Abertridwr.

On the coldest day of winter, a great tournament is held, and bold knights, squires and men at arms from across the known world come and strive and do their utter most to be proclaimed Pencampwr gan Abertridwr for the coming year.

Pencampwr Tourney Format

Open Weapons. The tourney is traditionally run as a single kill round robin. At the end of the round robin, the two highest ranked fighters will contest the final. All who would contest for the Pencampwr gan Abertridwr must have a list shield.


  • To seek out and challenge other champions
  • To give something of lasting significance to Abertridwr

It is traditional that during court, the Pencampwr, if present, will guard the door of the hall.

Mindful of our descent from the Kingdom of the West, Abertridwr has placed no residency requirement upon entry to this tournament. The post of Pencampwr is open to any who can win it.

Previous Pencampwr Champions

2014 – M’Lord Broda of the Black Dogs
2013 – Lord Dino d’Malta
2012 – Lord Griffin Westcastle
2011 – Sir Thomas Askelson
2010 – Sir Kane Greymane
2009 – Sir Andre de Montsegur
2008 – Lord Benadick Von Greifswald
2007 – Lord Benadick Von Greifswald
2006 – Master Halfdeane Greymanesson
2005 – Sir Kane Greymane


The Arobryn is the A&S Champion of Abertridwr. Our champion needs to be able to demonstrate skills in a variety of different areas in the arts and sciences. It is therefore not enough to simply excel at one type of skill but to demonstrate excellence across at least 3 separate areas. The championship is to be held on the Pencampwr weekend.

  • In order to enter Arobryn you must have at least 3 entries.
  • You can enter more than 3 items, but only your top 3 scores will be counted.
  • Each entry which counts towards your overall score must cover a different skill.
  • Although there can be overlap between the different entries you must be able to show that a different skill set applies to each.

A&S skills range far beyond those skills that immediately spring to mind. Different skills could include sewing, embroidery, brewing, cooking, illumination, metalwork, woodwork, herbal products, weaving etc.

I would encourage all of you to consider entering the Arobryn Championship. Remember that items can be works in progress (ie: unfinished). They can also be items that you completed years earlier. Just remember though that you cannot enter something that has been entered in a higher level A&S competition (ie: anything entered at a Kingdom or Baronial level).


This is not just any old A&S competition. This is a Championship for the Shire of Abertridwr. And it comes with certain responsibilities. These are as follows:

  • Create a work of lasting cultural significance for the group.
  • Create an item of regalia for the next Arobryn. This may be a perpetual item or an individual item. It is expected that this be in the form of a Cadwaladr Dragon in any medium.

Previous Arobryn Champions

2014 – Lady Rose Pennington
2013 – No Arobryn competition
2012 – Lord Wod Gormsson
2011 – Lady Bronwyn Hildebrandt
2010 – Lady Ydeneya de Bailliencourt
2009 – Baron Kilic ibn Sungar ibn al-Kazganci ibn al-Turhani
2008 – Lady Katerina of Bastion
2007 – Lady Katerina of Bastion
2006 – Master Halfdeane Greymanesson
2005 – Master Halfdeane Greymanesson


It was law during medieval times that everyone between the ages of 15 to 60 was to own and be able to shoot a bow. Children were started as early as seven.

There was also a set of standards which were to be aspired to as an archer (however these particular standards are not required today). These were:

  • that an archer be able to hit a man sized target at 200yds
  • that they be able to shoot 12-15 arrows in one minute
  • that they practice regularly

In previous years we have held four shoots which reflect the essence of these standards in order to test the mettle of our brave Archers. Each shoot encompasses a different level of Archery skill required to become the Saethydd Champion.

In previous years the shoots were held during the Pencampwr weekend, or in the weeks leading up to that event:

  • Clout shoot
  • Plague of Rats shoot
  • Obstacle Shoot
  • IKAC held on the Pencampwr weekend

Participation in all four shoots is required in order to become the Saethydd Champion.

Equipment must follow SCA standards, modern longbows and recurves are acceptable. Arrows must be wood with feathered fletches.

Previous Saethydd Champions

2014 – Lord Ulfr fra Jorvik
2013 – Lord Raynald Greygoose
2012 – Lord Ulfr fra Jorvik
2011 – Lord Raynald Greygoose