Forms & Documents

Membership Forms

If you would like to become a member of the SCA, please go to the SCA Membership page for more information. You can either download a pdf form to fill in and post, or you can use the SCAA Membership Services site to join online.

Officers’ Reporting Schedules

The Officers of the Shire of Abertridwr are required to report regularly to the Abertridwr Seneschal and their Kingdom uplines. The schedule is as follows:

Reports due:

  • 15th February
  • 15th May
  • 15th August
  • 15th November

Event Indemnity Forms

Everyone who attends an official SCA event has to fill in an indemnity form of some kind for each and every event. When you arrive at an event you’ll need to sign in at the Constable’s desk – they will have all the necesary forms available. If a child is present without a parent or legal guardian, then a ‘Transfer of Guardianship’ form will need to be completed.

Abertridwr Postcodes

Which SCA group a member is “offically” counted as belonging to is governed by their postcode. Here’s a listing of all the suburbs and postcodes that fall within the area allocated to Abertridwr.