Pencampwr is coming…



The veil between worlds is thin and the Wild Hunt rides!

Join us for a magical weekend of revelry, arts & competition as we celebrate the new champions of Abertridwr.

We begin on Friday night with a Firelight Token Tourney,
Saturday evening the Lord & Lady of Misrule will sow the seeds of mischief & mayhem at the Pickled Faerie Tavern.
Sunday will culminate with a Faerie Masquerade Victory Ball to elevate our new Champions, Pencampwr, Saethyd, Arobryn and introduce our young Pendragon.

Arthurian & Faerie Entertainment encouraged
Armoured Combat, Rapier & Archery
Wild Hunt & War!
A&S Classes with visiting teachers
Kids Boffa Tournament & Saturday Night Disco

Friday 2nd to Monday 5th of June 2017
*Payment plan available for May Crown & Pencampwr


Steward: Lady Bella Valori
For all enquiries please contact the steward.

An event of this size requires many helpers to make it run smoothly.
To volunteer to help us run this awesome weekend please get in touch.

*** Please note that if you require a Pavilion space around the List Field or War Field boundary, you are required to place a booking to let us know of your requirements in advance. If you do not book you may not be able to fit your pavilion in and first preference and allocations will go to those who do***