What to Wear

To participate in the SCA, you will need to wear clothing that could have been worn in medieval times (before 1600). That could be anything from Roman times to Vikings or Elizabethan, Venetian, Anglo-Saxon … all sorts of different times and eras.

This can seem a bit daunting when you first begin. We totally understand that you might not want to buy/rent/make a medieval outfit before you’ve been to your first event so we have sets of “loaner garb” that you can borrow!

If you would like to borrow some garb, please contact our friendly Chatelaine. The Chatelaine is the person who looks after Newcomers, helps them with loaner garb (and feasting gear if they need it), answers questions, helps them find out what they need to know, and generally helps newcomers to settle in.

PS: (We don’t wear ‘Xena Warrior Princess’, ‘Conan the Barbarian’ or fantasy genre outfits).

Costume Patterns

Here’s some instructions to make some basic garb : Basic DIY Patterns